Owning and running a business is a though thing to do on your own. While you focus on your company needs, have a reliable business advisor by your side. PTL Insurance Brokers is a member of BizAssureTM, a business consulting company specially designed to help clients with their business needs. Our agents understand the unique struggles with running a business, and we will help keep your company’s future bright.

What is BizAssureTM?

BizAssureTM is a cooperative network made up of experienced accountants, attorneys, lawyers, insurance agents, and other professionals. Typically, business consulting services of this magnitude cost you and your business significant amounts of money. However, as a client of PTL Insurance Brokers, BizAssureTM services are at your fingertips at your convenience and free of charge. Your business will also have access to BizAssureTM seminars and training programs, as well as many other services.

Here are just some of the consulting services you can utilize:

  • Workers Compensation and Safety Services
    • Loss Prevention Assistance
    • Fraud
    • OSHA Compliance
    • Illness and Injury Prevention
  • Legal Services
    • Document or Lease Reviews
    • Defense Services for Lawsuits
    • Circumstantial Advice
    • Product Liability
  • Human Resources Services
    • Wage and Hour Issues
    • Employee Compliance, Policies, Screening, and Incentives
  • Claims Services
    • Claims Review
    • Fraud Investigation
  • Accounting Services
    • Cash Flow Management
    • Purchase Advice

Those are just a selection of the many free services of which you can take advantage of. Call PTL Insurance Brokers at (877) 407-0819 to learn more!