Earthquake Insurance

Be ready for the rumbles with earthquake insurance

Californians are not strangers to earthquakes, with thousands shaking the Golden State annually. PTL Insurance Brokers helps provide earthquake insurance specific to California. We will help you evaluate the potential risks to build the right policy for you.

Homeowners policies will typically compensate you for damage to your house, but they do not cover damage to your house from natural disasters, such as earthquakes. PTL Insurance Brokers offers this coverage as a supplemental policy to your regular homeowners insurance to protect your home in California. Based in Covina, we understand how important earthquake insurance is, and our experienced agents will determine the coverage that suits your living situation.

Finding the right earthquake insurance policy for your home

Regions in California do not share the same earthquake risk. Earthquake insurance in Los Angeles will be different than a policy in San Francisco. PTL Insurance Brokers wants to work with you to find the factors and possible damage that will determine your coverage. Those factors include:

  • What the home is made of
  • How old the home is
  • The home’s proximity to fault lines
  • Home equity

As a family owned and operated company, we do not only want to prepare you for an earthquake, but also help you get through an earthquake experience. We will help prepare you for impending earthquakes as well as help you file a claim to help compensate for your losses. Our dedicated service team will help you and your family, focusing less on your transaction and more on your relationship with PTL Insurance Brokers

Do not wait for an earthquake to shake up your life

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