Professional Liability Insurance

Mistakes are unpredictable and unavoidable. PTL Insurance Brokers has you covered when they happen.

Everyone makes mistakes no matter what profession he or she is in. That is engrained in us as humans. The problem is what the ramifications are of a mistake, not just for you but for your business as well. Professional liability insurance is the answer to lessen those fears, and PTL Insurance Brokers can help provide you and your business that answer.

Whether it is an incorrect statistic, and unintentional omission, or even just bad advice that led to a negative outcome, PTL Insurance Brokers can have ensuing liability covered. We will provide you the coverage you need when general and excess liability is not enough, doing all the heavy lifting to make sure you get the right policy at the right price.

Doctors and physicians have unique liabilities that PTL Insurance Brokers can help protect

The medical profession is as fickle as the procedures its doctors need to perform. Everyone relies on his or her doctors and physicians for health advice. With thousands of patients and records, doctors and physicians are bound to make mistakes. It could be a wrongly performed procedure or a bad prescription, and the consequences can cause major liability issues for your practice.

PTL Insurance Brokers has been providing California businesses with professional liability insurance solutions for over 38 years. We understand the unique professional risks, especially in the medical field. Our professional liability coverages entail:

  • Employment practices liability
  • Personal injury coverage
  • Trial defense costs
  • Full severability (for innocent parties)
  • Free 60-day discovery clause
  • Domestic partner extension
  • Loss assistance hotline (two free hours of legal consultation)
  • Key coverage extensions
  • Policy limits up to $15 million

Let us help you prepare for inevitable mistakes that you will make, no matter what profession you are in. Contact us at (626) 967-9581 to get started!