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Work can be stressful for men and woman alike. Now that our society has become more fast-paced, sometimes it is tough to keep up with the workload. However, according to The Los Angeles Times, a growing number of men are now suffering from the stress of “having it all”.

Many believe in the promise of having it all, such as the comforts and rewards of a fulfilling family life and a job that brings ultimate satisfaction. Yet, this cannot always be a reality, for the human body can only push itself so far. This conclusion is the result of a new study conducted by the New York-based Work and Family Institute, titled “The New Male Mystique.”

The research is based on a nationally representative cross-section of working men and has now been updated from a previous study done more than 30 years ago by the Department of Labor. Since 1977, a lot has changed. Today, more men define an “ideal man” as having the ability to support his family and his work, as well as playing the role as an active and involved father, spouse or partner, and son.

But in these changing times, the economy has made this dream more difficult to achieve. Escalating job demands, boundaries between work and home life, long hours, and greater job insecurity have broken down. In 2008, 49% of employed men with families reported they experience some or a lot of work-family conflict, moving up from 34% in 1977.

After questioning men on their attitudes towards the work place, the Families and Work Institute found what factors lessened conflicts between work and family, including: men who felt their supervisor wanted them to succeed reported less work-family stress, as did men who reported they had supportive coworkers. The report also found that having flexibility to schedule time off helped reduce work-family tensions, but only if a man felt he could use that flexibility without fear of being seen as a less committed worker.

A lot of organization and time goes into running a business. We understand that in order to succeed and follow your passion, you must make sacrifices. However, with a committed team of employees, it is important to keep in mind their well-being. This is why PTL Insurance Brokers Inc. can offer you affordable small business health insurance!

Providing group health benefits is always a constant concern for employers. This is why we want to ease your stress and balance the cost of California group health insurance with other expenses you need to focus on.

We take pride in offering reliable large and small business health insurance. Our health insurance is easy to come by if you work with us. Our trusted agents will guide you through the process step by step to secure the well-being and future of your company. So take action now and have peace of mind with our small business health insurance!


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