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When you are looking for a new auto insurance policy, you may be overwhelmed with information. People can tell you many different scenarios that might make you nervous. There is always a story out there about a person who had a bad claim experience or someone who paid too much for their premium. But finding out the facts is as easy as calling a trusted auto insurance agency for the truth.

We can help decipher all the information you have been given and help find you the best auto policy to fit your every need. For example, there has always been a rumor that bright red sports cars are very expensive to insure. The truth is that the color of your vehicle does not matter in the slightest. You can paint your car a million different shades, from subtle to bright neon, and your premium will not be affected in the least.

The determining factors when it comes to your auto policy include the vehicle type (year, make and model), type of coverage, your driving history, your insurance score, and your state of residence. You may also qualify for policy discounts if you have completed an accredited driver safety program or if your vehicle has anti-theft devices installed.

So before you become discouraged about car insurance, you should find out the facts. No matter what question you may have about auto insurance (or any other type of insurance) we can find the answer for you. Just call us with all your concerns and we will work with you to find the perfect policy for your new, old, shiny or even not-so-shiny vehicle. We will weigh all the options and see which carrier’s insurance would best suit your individual situation. And remember, no question is unimportant. We want you to be as knowledgeable as you can be when it comes to your insurance.



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