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Not many states experience what California does.  From wildfires to earthquakes, it is always a risk to take when choosing to live in the Golden State.  However, according to The Insurance Journal, of the many possible natural disasters that could occur, residents fear earthquakes the most.  Statewide, 57 percent of voters cited earthquakes as the greatest threat from nature, which was more than twice the amount (23 percent) who feared wildfires more.  In addition, other worries included: tsunami or tidal waves (9 percent), and floods/mudslides (5 percent), the field poll indicated.

The poll, conducted by Field Research Corp. of San Francisco, indicated that Californians believe a major earthquake is more likely to occur in the coming decade than they’ve felt in the past.   “Californians are right to worry about the next ‘big one,’” said Glenn Pomeroy, CEO of the California Earthquake Authority.  He noted that the U.S. Geological Survey predicts a 99.7 percent chance that a magnitude 6.7 earthquake will strike in California in the next 30 years.  Additionally, a recent U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics report indicated a major Southern California earthquake would create huge business interruption and employee displacement. “Unfortunately, despite the fact that 57 percent of voters fear an impending earthquake, only about 10 percent of Californians currently have earthquake insurance,” Pomeroy added.

PTL Insurance Brokers Inc. understands that as a resident of California, you know earthquakes are inevitable and unpredictable.  Although earthquake insurance is crucial, it is not necessarily affordable.  For this reason, many Californians cannot purchase earthquake insurance.  The fact that 10 percent of Californians do not have this type of coverage is troubling.  We want to change this statistic and allow our community to feel safe again.  This is why our California earthquake insurance is both reasonable and personal to your needs.  Our earthquake insurance is a type of property coverage that aids the policyholder if an earthquake causes damage to your home and property.  While this includes damage done to your residence, ordinarily, home or renters insurance policies do not include coverage for earthquakes and other natural disasters.  Therefore, this is why it is necessary to purchase our reliable insurance package.  Not only will we help you determine your ideal policy, we can offer suggestions on how to better protect your home and property from damage during a quake.  We believe in developing trusted relationships with all of our customers, so wake up from your nightmare, let us protect you and erase all of your fears today!



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