Holiday Foods

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It seems that every holiday that comes around has a lot of food associated with it, doesn’t it? Especially the holiday season that falls around this time of year. Everywhere you turn it seems that there are cookies, cakes, candies and other delicacies just waiting to be devoured. It’s OK to indulge every once in a while, but remember to always keep food safety in mind when picking at those yummy treats this season.

If you spot a lovely tray of cheese and crackers in the break room at work, you might want to do some investigating before you dig in. Just how long has the food been sitting out? If the tray has been out on the counter for more than a couple hours, you run the risk of eating some serious bacteria. Not only do some bacteria multiply rapidly at temperatures over 50°F, but you do not know how many people have touched the tray over the course of its stay in the break room. So the food has the potential of causing some gastrointestinal distress that you probably do not want to deal with.

If you want to do something nice for your office by bringing in a festive treat for everyone to enjoy, make sure you bring in something that can stand to sit out. A lovely muffin basket or other baked treat that does not need refrigeration would be perfect. Remember to include utensils like plates, napkins and a serving fork or spatula so people do not have to have direct contact with the food.

All the holiday foods out there are great to make for a very festive season. Just remember that moderation and food safety are the keys to making this season’s foods even better! Keep those foods safe and have a wonderful holiday!



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