Do you have a new baby on the way?

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Congratulations! You are in for a wonderful new world filled with snuggles, giggles and other exciting experiences. Having a baby can be the most thrilling and satisfying thing you can experience.

Of course, every new parent struggles with insecurities and wonders if his or her way of parenting is right. There is no one rule book that says you need to do things a certain way. There is no real end result when you will be able to sit back and say ‘Yes, I did that correctly.’ If you do your best, then know that you are doing what’s right for your child.

The good thing is there are many, many resources available to answer any of the parenting questions you may have over the years. Right now, you are focused mostly on how to handle a baby. What will she like to eat? How many diapers will I need to have every day? Should I baby proof the house now or wait until the baby starts crawling or cutting teeth?

But that baby will grow up to be a toddler, then a preschooler, then soon after he will be preparing for college and a career of his own. (Don’t laugh, it really will feel like it’s going that quickly.) It is important to be prepared for all those stages in his life.

One thing you can do right now is give your insurance agent a call to see what type of changes to your insurance should be made to include your new baby. Your health insurance will of course need to be updated. But how about your life insurance or other policies? You might want to add your new child as a beneficiary to your policies so that if anything were to happen to you, your child will be covered. We hope you have a wonderful experience as a parent. Best wishes to you and your new family.



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