Prep your water pipes if cold weather is in the forecast

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Here in Covina, we do not have much worry for winter coats, snow shovels or other cold temperature items. Besides some rain and hot thermometer readings, the weather is usually quite comfortable. However, in other parts of California there are more common threats of freezing temps. In fact, the Bay Area was recently hit with some seriously cold weather in December that caused plenty of problems for residents and businesses.

It is important to know how to handle cold weather and what it could do to your home or business. One of the biggest problems that occur during cold weather is freezing water pipes. Because our area is not prone to freezing temps, the homes and businesses are not usually built with cold weather in mind. In areas where cold weather is standard, water pipes are placed within the building’s insulation. Here they may be placed anywhere in a building because the threat of freezing is not that great.

But it is important to know what to do in the event that a cold snap is in the forecast. Freezing pipes can cause a terrible mess if a pipe were to burst and spill water all over your home or business.

If you see that cold weather is coming, check your pipes to see where they are located. If they are in an area where you can get to them, try to reduce the chance of freezing by allowing warm air to reach them. Open cabinet doors where pipes are located to let the warm air flow. If your pipes are in a crawl space or attic, block off any cold air sources.

If your pipes do freeze, do not use an open flame to try and warm them. Open your faucet and try a warm blanket or hair dryer to thaw the freeze. Of course, call your insurance carrier to see what else should be done.



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