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According to the Daily Sound, thanks to Solarize Santa Barbara, Mike and Mary Lee Hopkins’ electric bill went from $400 a month to a quarter of the payment size. In addition, the Hopkins carbon footprint shrunk along with their expenses. The Hopkins added 15 solar panels to their roof and this dream for Mike Hopkins became a reality.

Solarize is a project the Community Environmental Council created to bring more affordable solar energy to South County residents. The project is set up similar to the popular website Groupon. Solarize evaluated a list of competing companies, and after, picked two that would best satisfy quality and cost concerns.

Mike Hopkins said he was extremely satisfied with Sun Pacific Solar Electric, the company he chose through Solarize. He explains that the company could have sold him a much larger solar energy system, but instead, encouraged him to first take other measures to cut energy consumption. Mike spent $11,000 after rebates. Systems can cost up to $50,000 and typically go for twice what Hopkins paid, said Megan Birney, renewable energy specialist for the CEC.

Both Birney and Mike Hopkins stressed that now is the time to go solar. “It is still expensive,” he said, “but if you have the money it has finally gotten to the point where it is a good investment.” Some advice he gives those who are interested in the system is: “Don’t just put the biggest solar panel on as possible, make your house as energy efficient as possible first.”

Birney hopes that the efforts Solarize has made to educate the public will see the expansion of solar energy in Santa Barbara’s future. The group has held three workshops for the public and will had its last gathering on July 21. “The more people talk about it, the more they understand. It’s really exciting,” she said.

Although this initiative has ended, that doesn’t mean you still can’t save money. Investing in solar panels is a great way to save on electricity costs and become eco friendly. Advocating for the environment and providing a healthier lifestyle for your loved ones is important in order to maintain peace of mind. At PTL Insurance Brokers, we are dedicated to giving you a solution to solve your stress through our comprehensive California home insurance!

We understand that your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so it is important to keep it safe. If you suffer from some form of disaster, our insurance plan will protect you from major loss. Our agency will help you insure your home and other personal possessions if you reside in California.

Homeowners insurance includes both property and liability coverage, meaning that it simultaneously covers your possessions as well as protects you from accidents. Your property is susceptible to accidents and risks daily, which is why we are here to help defend you from the harsh aftermath of these dangers.

Our home insurance policy covers some of the following: Replacement costs, the structure of your home, and personal possessions. No two homes are identical, therefore, the same is true for home insurance plans. So stop worrying about the well being of your family, and start living stress free with the protection of our California home insurance!


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