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As each new day comes, life throws curve balls that you need to be prepared for, especially at your home. It is important to keep your residence safe from harm, as you would do for a loved one. According to the Eureka Times-Standard, the Arcata Fire Protection District is advising residents to install working smoke detectors and to purchase insurance. This was brought on because of a blaze started by a candle left burning in an unattended back room firefighters extinguished Monday evening.

The responding fire crews had to pull a hose line through the house to extinguish the fire while another crew cut a hole in the roof to remove smoke and toxic gases, the release said. Firefighters were able to contain the blaze to one room and quickly put out the fire.

However, despite the quick response time, the fire caused an estimated $68,000 in damage, according to documentations. It has been said that the residents of the house did not have insurance, prompting Chief John McFarland to stress the importance of purchasing insurance to cover any loss from an accidental fire. “In the grand scheme of things, it is very little money for a great deal of protection,” McFarland said in the release.

Owning a home is both exciting and a lot of responsibility. Once you purchase your first home, it is important to keep it and your family safe. This is why PTL Insurance Brokers Inc can provide you with the best California home insurance around!

Since 1976, PTL Insurance Brokers Inc has provided cost-effective California home insurance policies. If you suffer from some form of disaster, our insurance plan will protect you from major loss. We will offer you insurance which includes both property and liability coverage, meaning that it simultaneously covers your possessions as well as protects you from accidents that may occur on your property.

Threats can come in the form of weather or criminals and it is difficult to protect yourself and your property at all times. You may not be able to stop certain unforeseen events from occurring, but a California homeowners insurance policy can help defend you from the harsh aftermath of these risks. No two homes are identical, therefore the same is true for home insurance plans. So don’t get caught under the destruction of costly repairs, let us put out the fire with our California home insurance today!


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